Don't buy washed and packed salad from the supermarket – better grow your own!

Who does not love the convenience of simply buying a washed and packed salad. You just buy it, open the plastic bag and put it in your salad – no dirt, no effort! Nevertheless, it dawns you already that there is a negative side, doesn’t it?

And sadly you are right! Just to name a few disadvantages: A lot of plastic is needed to pack the salad, huge amount of water is used to wash the salad prior to packing it and latest research says that it might even contain harmful bacteria. Furthermore, due to the long transportation routes of salad from the field to the supermarket and to your kitchen eventually it looses almost all its vitamins.

So why not grow your own salad? It is simple and it is definitely a lot of fun too!! Salad crops are easy to plant.

  1. Fill a container with potting soil

  2. Sprinkle the seeds and cover them with a fine layer of soil

  3. Carefully water the seeds regularly

  4. Once the seedlings appear, thin them out a little bit so that there is enough growing space for those remaining (2-3cm around each seedling)

  5. After approximately 5 weeks you should be able to harvest your salad

An even easier way to grow your own plants is with one of the latest inventions of indoor gardens. The advantage of growing plants in a neoFarm is not just the automated process, but also that the plants are rich in vitamins, free from pesticides and need no packaging. Furthermore, you can grow the plants all year long.

Grow what you need, know what you eat!

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