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Experience the joy 

With a neoFarm you can observe how a seed turns into a plant, get a better understanding of the nature and feel connected to it. It is a wonderful feeling to cook with or simply eat your own cultivated fruits, vegetables or herbs.

Enjoy the freshness

You will harvest the plants from a neoFarm just before consumption. Therefore, they still contain 100% of vitamins and are fresher than any plant from a super-market can be.

Harvest plants rich in nutrients

Have you ever been unsure about the quality of the salads, tomatoes or herbs you bought in the supermarket? All the plants from a neoFarm get supplied with the perfect amount of nutrients.


Do not worry about pesticides

Are you unsatisfied that vegetables and fruits from supermarkets are conta-minated with pesticides? Pesticides can cause serious long term health issues and furthermore, destroy the biodiversity. .


Reduce the global food waste

Everyday tons of food from supermarkets are wasted. In a neoFarm you only harvest the plants you need and thanks to the modern system, plants do not spoil. 

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