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3 reasons why fresh herbs belong in every kitchen

The advantages of fresh herbs and how to make the most of their positive effects.

Herbs give every meal just the right taste, the times we seasoned with salt and pepper only are long over. Whether we add a little rosemary to our pasta sauce or garnish the dessert with a touch of mint, herbs do not only make a great difference in taste: freshly used they have many positive side effects.

1. Freshly used herbs are more aromatic

It is proven that herbs lose much of their flavor during the drying process. Therefore the taste volume decreases. While some aromas fade, others intensify.

This leads to a adulterated flavor as well as giving them a one-dimensional taste.

Fresh herbs on the other side have a very unique and well-balanced taste.

2. Fresh herbs are less contaminated

with pesticides

In 2009, Greenpeace tested samples of 37 dried herbs from conventional cultivation for pesticides and the results were disappointing: more than 25% of the tested products were classified as "not recommended". The pesticide amount found in parsley was particularly high. In contrast, fresh herbs from the supermarket were only a little burdened.

Nevertheless, the best way to make sure you and your family are eating pesticide-free herbs only, is to grow them at home. And what better way to do so than with Neofarms? No dirt, fully automated and providing excess to fresh homegrown greens all year.

3. Fresh herbs are healthier and help with small ailment

It is well known that herbs are very healthy because of their high content of essential oils, tanning agent and bitterns. Sadly, these wholesome ingredients decrease a lot during the drying process or even when stored for a while.

Actually, the highest content of the beneficial ingredients can be achieved by harvesting the needed herbs right before consumption. Cooking them for to long will also minimize their health benefits.

But herbs have even more advantages: Humankind knows about the healing effects of herbs since more than 3500 years. Yet the Egyptians harnessed the healing effects herbs have. They wrote the Papyrus Ebers, a scroll in which they made note of diseases and their treatment.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the beneficial effects of herbs is easy: simply brew a tea with fresh herbs and drink two cups a day!

Here is a list of some of the classic herbs and their not widely known beneficial properties:

1. Sage

Sage has an antibacterial effect due to its high content of essential oils. Therefore, it is very effective when having a sore throat. Gargling with cold, high concentrated sage tea will help immediately.

Moreover, Sage supports the digestion and helps against bloating. It can also prevent hot flashes and night sweats.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary boosts the metabolism and is therefore a healthy coffee substitute. Additionally, it cures infections and cystitis.

This herb also helps against headaches and boosts concentration.

3. Peppermint

The menthol in the mint has an antiseptic effect, this is why it works perfectly to soothe gingivitis.

In addition, mint acts anticonvulsant in the gastrointestinal tract at the same time it quickens the appetite.

4. Lemon balm

A true all-rounder, whether as a tincture to soothe an insect bite or a muscle strain, lemon balm is versatile: it helps overcoming sleeping disorders and palliates mental stress. It is also good tip when fighting a cold.

Learn more about how you can grow your own herbs in a neoFarm indoor garden!

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