Aeroponics or Hydroponics for an indoor-garden – what are these technologies?

You probably already heard the terms aeroponics and hydroponics and wondered what exactly they mean.

Due to the growing innovations for indoor-gardens these technologies gain attention because they both have the advantage that plants can grow without soil and need no harmful pesticides. The difference is that hydroponics uses nutrient enriched water, which is flowing around the roots of the plants and aeroponics only uses a fine mist to supply the plants with nutrients. This is a huge advantage, hence aeroponics is a technological leap forward.

The benefits:easily. When you have an aeroponic indoor-garden your plant roots are neither immersed in soil nor in water. This has without the risk of getting a dirty kitchen. In Hydroponic systems the plants are always oversupplied with water and nutrients and are therefore not exposed to stress. However, stress is needed for salads or herbs to produce oils and flavours, hence aeroponic plants are richer in flavours. Furthermore, you will have a huge reduction in energy and water cost and the crop density and health is increased. Because the growth environment is either closed or semi-closed from outside influences, humidity and moisture from the mist supplying the plant roots is retained. You will notice that the weight in the drawers is very light due to the fact that only a fine mist reaches the roots of the plants. This leads to the benefit, that you can stack multiple layers upon each other as there is only little weight added without heavy soil or water. Therefore, you can grow enough salads, herbs or vegetables for your whole family. Furthermore, you can take out the plants

This picture shows you how the roots are hanging freely in an early neoFarm prototype. No soil or water is in the drawer, but only a fine mist supplies the roots with nutrients:

Aeroponics indoor-garden third-generation neoFarms prototype

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