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What is a neoFarm?

We developed the neoFarm so that you can grow your herbs, salads, vegetables and fruits for yourself and your family in your own kitchen. To make this process as enjoyable as possible for you, the neoFarm is fully automated and the process is simple, clean and easy.

How does a neoFarm work? 

For our system we use a technology which was originally developed by NASA: Aeroponics. With this technology plants grow without soil or water. A fine mist supplies the plants with the perfect amount of water and nutrients plus there is no need for pesticides. 

You do not need a green thumb

The system does all the work for you. You only need to decide which plants you want to grow and exchange cartridges for the nutrient supply of the plants. Furthermore, there are no heavy water buckets or dirty soil in your kitchen thanks to the innovative aeroponic system.


Enjoy to observe how your seeds grow into plants.

Enjoy how fresh everything from your neoFarm will taste.

Enjoy that you you will not eat any pesticides.

Enjoy that you will not have to buy greens in your supermarket.

Enjoy to contribute a little bit for a better environment.


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