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Click here to become a neoFarmer

Do you wish to grow your own salads, herbs, vegetables or fruits?

With neoFarms this is possible:

Fresh, clean and easy.

Grow your own

Experience the joy.

Enjoy the freshness.

Harvest plants rich in vitamins.

Do not worry about pesticides.

Reduce the global food waste.

Grow what you need,

know what you eat.


Does the great effort hinder you to cultivate your own plants?

neoFarms makes the cultivation as easy as possible.

vitamin loss of salad

You harvest plants from a neoFarm just before consumption, that is why you enjoy

100% vitamins.

  • no transport

  • no loss of vitamins

  • no pesticides

  • no storage time

  • no environmental burden

100% Fresh

The choice is up to you!

The picture below shows a neoFarm with six layers, but this can be individualized.


Our Vision is our Mission.

We want to give everyone the chance to cultivate fresh and healthy products in the own kitchen. Thereby, we are giving every household a certain degree of autonomy back.

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