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What is a neoFarm?

A neoFarm is an automated indoor-garden which makes it possible for you to grow your own vegetables, fruits or herbs in your kitchen. The neoFarm has many advantages compared to regular farming:

  • You do not need much knowledge about cultivation, because the system is fully automated

  • You can grow your plants all year long, so you can enjoy for example strawberries in winter

  • The plants contain a lot of vitamins due to the perfect nutrient supply and are free from pesticides

  • You can take out the plants and work with them on the kitchen counter

  • We use aeroponics, so there is no soil or water, hence the cultivation is very clean

  • You do not need a garden


How did the idea come about?

Being dissatisfied about the huge loss of vitamins vegetables, fruits and herbs experience during the transportation from the field to the supermarket and furthermore, the contamination of these plants with pesticides and herbicides inspired Henrik Jobczyk and Maximilian Richter (Co-Founders) to revolutionize the way we cultivate plants. Hence, the vision of a fully automated mini-greenhouse for private households, called neoFarm, was developed and turned into reality when the neoFarms GmbH was founded in 2016.


Where does the name come from?

The first part of the product name refers to the greek word “néos”. This has the following meanings: new, revolutionary, young, fresh and extraordinary. All these words describe the pioneer spirit of neoFarms. The second part of the name refers to farming which is the basic function of the system. Consequently, the name points out the revolutionary way of farming neoFarms offers.


Where can I buy a neoFarm?

We are still in the development phase and will soon have finished a small series of fourth-generation prototypes. You can already register to become one of the first to purchase a neoFarm as soon as they are available!


How big is a neoFarm?

A neoFarm will be available in the size of a kitchen-integrated refrigerator (1,78m/70" height). In the future we will also offer smaller formats.


I do not have any knowledge about cultivating plants, is that a problem?

Not at all. Most processes are automated and for the few you will have to do, the app will tell you exactly how to do it.


What can I grow in a neoFarm?

You can grow almost everything you want. Depending on the growth height you can easily adjust the layers. For example, you can grow different varieties of salad, tomatoes, basilica, strawberries and so much more.


How much time will I have to invest in growing plants in a neoFarm?

You really do not have to worry about spending a lot of time with your neoFarm. The plants grow automatically and you only have to decide what you want to grow.


Does the neoFarm fit in my kitchen?

The neoFarm has the size of a conventional built-in refrigerator and fits into every kitchen.


How can plants grow without soil?

The answer is: Aeroponics. We have simplified and adapted a complex technology to cultivate plants all year round. They grow without soil and sun but 4 times faster and with 95% less water in comparison with traditional field farming. The system is fully automated to ensure ease of use and it produces enough greens to feed a family of four members with only 0.25 sqm of footprint and up to 2 sqm of growing surface.


Am I the right person for a neoFarm?

Everyone who is interested to grow their own plants, which are healthier than from a supermarket and which do not suffer long transportation routes, will enjoy the benefits of a neoFarm.  Furthermore, you will not need to invest a lot of time into cultivating plants with a neoFarm and you do not need a garden.

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